Smart Temperature Control with ecobee Thermostats

When you look at a Clayton Built® home, you’ll see it’s complete with appliances and materials from other dependable brands built right in. We partner with some of the world's leading homebuilding brands, so that your home is equipped with safe, sustainable, long-lasting and innovative products.

Every Clayton Built home includes an ecobee® programmable thermostat that’s engineered for enhanced energy savings and controlling comfort.

ecobee programmable thermostats seamlessly integrate with several smart home systems such as Google Assistant™, Apple® HomeKit™ and Amazon Alexa®. Monitor and adjust your ecobee thermostat from anywhere using your smart device. 

CHBG - Ecobee Option3

ecobee thermostats can understand your schedule, local weather and HVAC system performance over time, optimizing for comfort based on your preferences.

With ecobee thermostats, you never have to worry about adjusting the temperature while you’re away. When it detects that you’ve left, it automatically adjusts the temperature for energy savings and quickly restores your comfort settings when you return. 

Learn about the story of ecobee! 

Because ecobee thermostats are ENERGY STAR® certified, enjoy energy savings while maximizing energy efficiency. eco+® features help make needed adjustments, like your household’s schedule and indoor humidity, real-time energy demand in your community and peak/off-peak electricity pricing. It will even help you track your carbon footprint by sending home energy use snapshots to show you what you’ve saved, your savings compared to others and monthly energy reports. 

Our partnership with ecobee isn’t just about providing our homeowners with innovative and useful products, it’s also about stewarding our available environmental resources in a way that’s conscious of future generations.

ecobee thermostats have delivered over 20TWh of energy savings since 2007. Find out what that means!

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