Lux™ Windows: Energy Efficiency and Style

Exclusive to Clayton Built® homes, Lux™ windows are more than just a beautiful design feature, they can help homes be more energy efficient. That’s why they only use low-emissivity (low-e) glass and have optional argon gas-filled windows for even more efficiency.

How Low-E works

In cool months, low-e glass reflects the warm air back inside instead of allowing it to escape outside. And in the warmer months, the heat is reflected out of the cool house, which can help regulate your home’s temperature and reduce energy waste.

Helping keep your home comfortable and efficient is a window’s top job, that’s why all Lux windows also contain double-paned insulated glass to help reduce energy use and outside noise.

Built-In Durability 

Lux windows’ insulated vinyl means your windows are quality-built and designed to last with less maintenance over time.

Just like our homes, Lux windows are made to last a lifetime or two. Learn more at

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