Mungo Homes: the Smart Choice for New Homes Since 1954

Generational homebuilder trusted by homebuyers in Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia.

Whether you want to buy a completed home to move into quickly, a home under construction or possibly build a new home from scratch, Mungo Homes is committed to building quality homes in Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia. 

Founded in 1954 by Michael J. Mungo, son Steven Mungo remains at the helm as CEO still emphasizing the family atmosphere even after the acquisition by Clayton Properties Group® in 2018. 

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With a tradition of excellence in building, Mungo Homes focuses on quality construction and award-winning designs that homebuyers love and trust. In addition, Mungo Homes pays special attention to communication and expectation-setting with the buyer at every turn, from the first touch point through closing. It’s no wonder that generations of buyers love Mungo Homes!

Mungo Homes has established itself as a sought-after place to work and team members also echo their appreciation for the family-atmosphere at Mungo.

In keeping with the family tradition of giving back to the community, The Mungo Homes Foundation was established with the sole mission of improving the communities in which Mungo builds by providing economic, educational, health, housing, and emergency hardship support to individuals in need due to circumstances beyond their control. A portion of each home sold is contributed to the Foundation and is invested in the local community of that home.

Experience generations of excellence in building with Mungo Homes. Visit to learn more!