Process Improvement Event (PIE) Awards

At Clayton Home Building Group, one of the ways we drive change is by developing creative solutions to overcome challenges. Knowing they’re the experts, team members are each empowered in their daily work to identify innovative, more efficient ways to operate. The Process Improvement Event (PIE) monthly award is one way Clayton acknowledges operational excellence.

Process Improvement Event (PIE) Program

Great ideas are at their best when shared with others. Clayton Home Building Group fosters a spirit of innovation by encouraging team members to identify and submit ideas for improvement. In 2021, the Process Improvement Event (PIE) award program began as an opportunity to recognize and communicate the remarkable innovation happening at Clayton’s 40 home building facilities.

Monthly Submissions

Every month, each Clayton home building facility is encouraged to submit at least one recent process improvement. Submissions are posted online, and Clayton team members are invited to vote on the projects they believe to be most useful and innovative.

Winner Recognition

The project with the highest number of votes is declared the winner for that month. Each team member at the home building facility with the winning project receives a fun PIE award t-shirt. The facility and the winning idea are applauded division-wide by email and internal company newsletter. And, of course, there are the bragging rights!


A Source of Inspiration

Taylor Deyo, operational excellence analyst for Clayton Home Building Group, believes that the PIE awards’ biggest impact is that it allows for “sharing ideas and inspiration with others.” Other facilities frequently adopt the winning ideas or use them as sparks to generate improvements of their own. Team members become empowered to share their own expert ideas for change.

Visit Clayton Connections to read about some of our monthly PIE winners. You’ll see a few of the many ways Clayton Home Building Group works to be a home and drive change.

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