A Future Begins at Home

In 2019, Clayton partnered with Family Promise® to launch A Future Begins at Home, a program providing resources to prevent family homelessness. Read on to learn more about Family Promise® and how our partnership helped over 3,000 families obtain the resources they need to avoid housing insecurity.

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Family Promise® was launched in 1986 when business executive Karen Olson realized homelessness was crippling her local community and delivering lunches to the homeless just wasn't enough. Karen initiated a local group of volunteers who utilized existing community resources to provide shelter, meals and housing to help the homeless reconnect with society and restore their dignity. After receiving a discounted van from a local dealership and connecting with her local YMCA to provide showers and a Family Day center, the first Interfaith Hospitality Network was founded.

As the word spread of Interfaith Hospitality Network's positive efforts, more congregations were inspired to established similar programs, and in 1988, the National Interfaith Hospitality Network was formed. In addition to shelter, meals and housing, Affiliates developed programs for transitional housing, childcare and homelessness prevention. In 2003, the National Interfaith Hospitality Network changed its name to Family Promise®, to reflect the broad range of programs offered and the vision of ending family homelessness.

Aligning with the mission to opening doors to a better future, Clayton partnered with Family Promise® in 2019 to establish the A Future Begins at Home program, addressing homelessness and to continue our dedication to democratizing attainable housing for all. Through this program, we help families experiencing homelessness gain access to grants through Family Promise® Affiliates and home donations.

Since A Future Begins at Home launched, the program has secured $2.3 million in partner funding, increasing both reach and impact. To date, the program has served approximately 5,100 families at risk of experiencing homelessness, including 13,000 children. More than 75% of families who receive assistance through A Future Begins at Home continue to have stable, long-term housing.

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In addition to grant funding, Clayton has donated 14 off-site Clayton Built® homes to Family Promise® Affiliates to provide stable housing and to be used as transitional housing, bridging the gap from homelessness to permanent housing and offering structure, case management, and in some cases, education and training. "At Clayton, we recognize our position as a leader in housing and understand the power companies have to do good and to improve lives and build a better tomorrow for everyone," says Kevin Clayton, CEO of Clayton Homes. "Children deserve to have a stable place to call home and it is our mission to improve lives in our communities. Through our partnership, Family Promise® is finding innovative ways to make sure families get the help they need to maintain housing stability and focus on their future."

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