Customer Success Manager Stephany Mejia's Story

Stephany Mejia credits family as the key to her career success. Not only did a cousin give her the heads-up about a retail job opening at Clayton Homes back in 2018, but she says she couldn’t have risen through the ranks without the support of her immediate family. Today she’s a customer success manager and a star member of the Clayton Sulphur Springs home building facility.

She’s also the mother of two boys (ages 12 and 14) and knows she’s lucky to have extended family support. Prior to the pandemic, travel was an important component of the customer success manager role, with Mejia hitting the Texas highways at least twice a month. “I’m Mexican American, so family is very important. I can call my mom when I’m away for the week; my brother takes the kids to school; or my dad stays with the boys.”

CHBG - Team Member Stephany Mejia

Growing up in Sulphur Springs, Mejia was familiar with Clayton, but she had no idea that she would one day work there. “Sometimes, things fall in your lap if you’re lucky,” she explains. “It’s up to you to recognize the opportunity.” To be certain, the pandemic has thrown her a number of curveballs over the past 18 months, especially with the many material shortages in the home building industry. But Mejia says the challenges have only proven how adaptable the company and its team members—including her—truly are. “I have learned so much about myself during the pandemic,” she says. “Now, I love having problems thrown at me all the time. I like looking for solutions. Sometimes it’s hard. The people involved make it worth it. The people are my favorite part of this job.”

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