Facility Manager Amanda Hill's Story

CHBG - Team Member Amanda Hill

When Amanda Hill accepted a position with Clayton Supply back in 2020, she never imagined that a job would help her achieve a better work-life balance. Prior to coming on board, she and her husband were living and working in Birmingham, Alabama, but the hustle and bustle of the big city made them yearn for a quieter way of life.

So when Amanda was approached about managing Clayton Supply Addison (population: 728), the couple jumped at the chance. She was eager to join Clayton Supply, Clayton Home Building Group’s building material and distribution company. “I didn’t know that Clayton Supply was such a huge part of the business,” she says.

Hill proved a fast learner. Today, she spearheads a massive operation at the 68,000 square-foot location, which receives and inventories container loads of product each day and then ships them to 10 different home building facilities as needed. Hill says, “The turnaround from request to delivery is usually 24 hours. That takes a lot of planning and organization to execute. Our tasks are huge and I wear a lot of hats.”

Even as her career flourished, Hill was anxious to become a mother. “I tried to get pregnant for three years, and I couldn’t. So we decided to expand our expectations and take on some kids who needed us,” she explains. The couple signed up for foster parenting classes in January – only to find out they were pregnant in February. “By then, we had already heard all these stories about how much of a need there was for fostering, so there was no way we couldn’t do it,” she says.

The Hills credit Clayton’s family-first philosophy for making home life easier, despite their year of big changes. “We were only given a day’s notice that we were getting our [two] foster children. My boss let me work from home to get everything settled,” Hill says. “I was a little worried about hindering my career growth when I became pregnant, but that didn’t happen. My son Elijah is now 5 months old, and my boss continues to give me increased responsibility and the freedom to figure things out. I always feel very empowered.”