Clayton Home Building Group Wins MHI's Manufacturer of the Year Award for Seventh Consecutive Year

Clayton Home Building Group named Manufacturer of the Year by MHI

Clayton Home Building Group, a leading national builder of single-family attainable housing, secured for the seventh consecutive year the 2023 Manufacturer of the Year – Three Plants or More award, the annual top honor given by the Manufactured Housing Institute (MHI).

Over 50,000 Off-Site Homes Meet Housing Demand

In 2022, Clayton Home Building Group built 62,841 homes ranging from site-built, off-site, Tiny, CrossMod® and modular housing. The MHI® Manufacturer of the Year award recognizes the company’s impact for the 50,762 off-site homes built during a year of unprecedented demand for housing.

Clayton Home Building Group Works to Drive Change and Do Good

Clayton Home Building Group’s commitment to drive change in the home building industry and to do good in the community was reflected in the company’s innovation and sustainability efforts and focus on a world-class team member and customer experience, including:

  • The introduction of the Tempo model, a beautiful, designer-inspired attainable drywall home.

  • The tenth anniversary of TRU® Homes, which have helped more than 100,000 families since 2012 achieve the dream of homeownership with some of the most affordable off-site built homes on the market.

  • More than 6,000 team members contributing nearly 38,000 volunteer service hours to their communities.

  • Earning five-year high marks on the company’s B2B Retail Partner survey rating as “incredibly easy to do business with.”

  • Clayton Home Building Group also continued advancing sustainable building practices and environmental stewardship by diverting more than 49,000 tons of materials, the equivalent of over 392,000 residential-sized garbage cans, from the landfill through recycling efforts alone in 2022.

Click here to read a press release about the award and to learn more about Clayton Home Building Group’s commitment to a world-class team member and customer experience.