Clayton Home Building Group® Wins Manufactured Housing Institute Awards

Clayton Home Building Group® was honored to receive both the 2024 Volume Manufacturer of the Year award and the 2024 Leadership in Sustainability award from the Manufactured Housing Institute (MHI), a top industry trade association.

MHI 2024 Volume Mfg of the Year award logo

Volume Manufacturer of the Year

The Volume Manufacturer of the Year award recognizes the impact of the more than 52,000 attainable, modern manufactured homes Clayton built in 2023. Highlights of the year that showcase our efforts to Open doors for customers and Drive change in our industry include:

The launch of eBuilt®, the highest performing and most energy efficient home Clayton has ever constructed that can save homeowners up to 50% on their annual energy costs1.

Placing two Clayton CrossMod® homes in Atlanta, GA to showcase how flexible zoning policies can help address the attainable housing crisis in urban areas.

The 50,000th home built by Clayton’s TRU Halls. Among the most affordable homes in America, TRU homes have made homeownership possible for more than 100,000 families over the last 10 years.

This is the eighth consecutive year Clayton has earned the Institute’s Manufacturer of the Year award.

MHI 2024 Leadership in Sustainability award logo

Leadership in Sustainability

The Leadership in Sustainability award acknowledges Clayton’s continual strides to Do good by implementing environmentally responsible building practices, including:

Installing four new solar power systems, bringing 1.8 megawatts of solar power online at three of Clayton’s homebuilding facilities and the home office.

Reducing the company’s greenhouse gas emissions and enhancing the pilot vehicle fleet’s fuel efficiency by adding 165 new hybrid vehicles.

Diverting more than 48,600 tons of materials, the equivalent of 388,000 residential-sized garbage cans, from landfills through recycling efforts alone.

This is Clayton Home Building Group’s second Leadership in Sustainability win.

We’re grateful to MHI for acknowledging our efforts and thankful, as always, to the more than 12,000 Home Building Group team members whose dedication to innovation, quality and sustainability make our accomplishments possible! ZERH guidelines

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